The School offers a broad balanced curriculum in accordance with the National Curriculum but with some additional elements. Details of courses are published in parents' booklets annually.

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Fuller information about courses in Years 7, 8 and 9 is issued in a separate booklet at the beginning of the academic year. Fuller information about courses in Years 10 and 11 is issued to girls in 今年9 and their parents in February each year.


学科 7年 8年 今年9
英语 6 5 5
法国 4 4 4
德语 0 4 4
地理 3 3 3
历史 3 3 3
宗教研究 2 2 2
数学 6 6 5
科学 7 6 7
技术 4 4 4
艺术 3 2 2
音乐 2 2 2
戏剧 2 2 2
体育 5 4 4
计算机科学 2 2 2
Personal & Social Education 1 1 1
50 50 50


9年选项小册子(PDF - 1.5MB)


学科 每两个星期小时 GCSE科目
英语 6 2
法语或德语 5 1
数学 六分之五 1
科学 9 3
Design & 技术 5 1
宗教研究 4 1
历史和地理 5 1
体育 4  
Personal & Social Education 1  

In year 10, all pupils also take a recognised qualification in Information Communications 技术 entitled the Microsoft Office Specialism (MOS).

In Design & 技术, girls select one subject from Food Preparation and Nutrition, Graphics Products, Product Design and Textiles.


计算机科学, 历史, 地理, 艺术 & Design, 音乐, 法国, 德语, PE, Spanish, 戏剧 & Theatre Studies.


All girls attend morning Assembly and 宗教研究 lessons unless a specific request is made by parents for their daughter to be withdrawn.


The school aims to provide a comprehensive well planned sex education programme: one that follows the guidelines for 性教育 as outlined in the DFE document 'Sex and Relationship Education Guidance, 2000'.

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As well as expertise within school, we are also able to draw on the support of other professionals, including our School Counsellor, the School Nurse, the School Doctor, the Educational Welfare Service and the Educational Psychologist.

A copy of the school's Special Needs Policy is available from the school. If you have any queries regarding provision for your daughter, please do not hesitate to contact the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator.


Pupils in Years 7 to 9 have a homework timetable stating for each day of the week the subjects for which homework is to be set and the amount of time which should be spent on it.

Girls have a Pupil Planner in which homework should be noted. Parents are asked to sign this weekly. Parents are also asked to inform their daughter's Head of House if they feel that too much or too little time is being spent on homework.


We ask that parents provide a quiet area for doing homework in, that they help their daughter to get organised and encourage her to do the work. However, we would ask them not to do it for her!